How the brain hears and makes music: Book, Blog, Videos

"Certainly an eye-opener for me!" --seasoned professional musician

"The most important Book on Music to Appear in Years"

What the book is About

Music distinguishes Homo sapiens from all other species and is a part of our human nature. The branch of neuroscience called "neuromusic" studies how music can help shape the brain at all ages by activating and expanding parts of the brain that also participate in a wide range of other actions. We have learned how these parts connect and strengthen with music playing and listening and are beginning to understand the reasons for music in human life. Dr. Ellenberger addresses why we like certain kinds of music and how playing and listening can exercise the brain at all ages and build 'cognitive reserve' that delays age-related conditions like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Disease. Music can assuage a wide range of other human diseases and aid recovery from stroke. He also discusses the potential of music practice to cause a rare form of dystonia and increasingly common hearing loss. In Part II, Ellenberger shows how these principles have enriched his own life. The book and blog argue that, especially when learned early, music can enable us to achieve our fullest human potential.

Table of Contents

It’s clear he knows his stuff, and he makes the science of music understandable. –Kirkus Reviews


Introduction to the Book

Part One: Music in the Brain

1.  Why There is Music?  

2.  Why We Like Certain Music, Or None at All   

3.  Can Learning Music Make Us Smarter?   

4.  Can Music Heal?  

5.  Music vs. Alzheimer’s Can Music Delay Dementia?  

6.  Music and Dance vs. Parkinson’s  

7.  The Flute and The Stethoscope   

8.  Usher Me Out With Music  

9.  Treasure Your Hearing You Will Never Regain What You Lose  

10.  What's Your Temperament?  

11.  Musicians With Dystonia When Practice Makes Imperfect

12.  What's the Matter With Classical Music?  

13.  Disdain for Classical Music   

14.  Love: A Neuromusical Rhapsody

15.  Sex and Classical Music Better Marketing Through Chemistry    

16. "Purple Brain" (2016)

Part Two: Reflections on a Musical Life

17.  A Model for Arts Education  

18.  There’s No Place Like Mt. Gretna 

19.  Is There a Doctor in The House? 

20.  Old Goats Playing the Flute    

21.  Russian Festival (Gretna Music, 2014)  A Weird Slice of Music History   

22.  The Village Bach Festival 

23.  The Audubon String Quartet  

24.  A (Funny) Polymath  

25.  Thomas Jefferson & Music   

26.  He Commandeered A Villa But Not Just Any Villa  

27.  The Rubato Queen of Shaker Heights

28. My Illustrious Career as a Non-Pianist