Videos related to my book (at least in my head)

Flute playing for the birds. Small audiences are always a problem.

But she is a Regular who comes every day to listen.

What Could She Be playing?

New Yorker cover, Jan 30, 2012, by George Booth. I captured this music of Shostakovich on my iPhone at a Gretna Music rehearsal. Joel Fan, pianist, Eric Schweingruber, trumpet.

What Flute Piece is he Playing?

Frederick II "The Great" of Prussia serenading his court at Sanssoucci in about 1765. "An opportunist and risk taker, dressed in the veneer of an intellectual, but at root, a heartless killer." (Franz Szabo). He was also probably a lousy flutist, but he didn't kill his teacher, J J QUANTZ, who wrote lovely concertos for him. I play the Arioso from the G Major one. Don Jaeger conducts

Summer Music

A performance of the Finale from Allen Krantz' Summer Music for flute and guitar by Allen and me. In Mt. Gretna where Gretna Music's 45th season will soon begin -- in some form. Or not. . . .