I'm loving the book, clear, and VERY informative. This should be required reading for musicians. It is certainly an eye-opener for me. . . .  a gift for writing!  -Brooks de Wetter-Smith, Emeritus Professor of Flute, UNC

THE book I'm reading when I'm on tour. As a musician and a composer and a human being who has walked the planet for 67 years with some observation skills, I find the book to be very interesting.

 –Chris Brubeck

It’s as if, while I read, I’m having marvelously intriguing conversation with you on topics I’ve always been interested in.

 -Philadelphia Orchestra member

Thank God the void left by the sublime Oliver Sacks has finally been filled. –Maria Corley, Concert pianist from Juilliard

I got carried away. The words flow with a lot of charm and effortlessness. 

Dan Stolper, Oboist, Past Editor, The International Double Reed

I think musicians and non-musicians alike will get a lot out of the information in its pages, but it’s also entertaining and very well written. 

Nancy Bean, former Associate Concertmaster, Philadelphia Orchestra

. . . the most important book on music to appear in years.

 –John Poynter, professor of History and pianist

I devoured it with pleasure and admiration for the thorough, educated research into the effects of music on the brain. 

Justiniano Campa, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology

It’s clear he knows his stuff, and he makes the science of music understandable throughout this work. 

Kirkus Reviews

Tremendously interesting and enjoyable. Dr. Ellenberger's ear, trained for the flute, obviously extends to the music of the English language as well. 

Phil DeMuth, Psychologist, musician, investment advisor

Seldom do you find an author so competent in two fields and with the ability to integrate them in such a way that the reader is awestruck. This is a wonderful read.

 –Diane Ross, Professor Emerita, Cal State

A fascinating and personal account of the relationship between music and the brain ranging from the development and plasticity of the brain in children to music as an adjunct to treatments of dementia and Parkinson's disease.

 –Annette Jordan, NetGalley Reviews

This book raises many compelling ideas about music: its joys and its effects on mind and body, increasingly important as funding is cut as we see funding cut for music in schools, rise in dyslexia and hyperactivity among kids, and increases among baby boomers of diseases linked to aging.

 –Richard Arnold, Australian Radio

I actually quite enjoyed reading how learning music can be beneficial to a developing brain and how the benefits continue as the brain ages.

 –Melise Gerber, NetGalley Review

What a great book! I learned a lot about the relationship between music education and neuroscience. I also enjoyed the latter, more biographical section. A must read for musicians and non-musicians!

 –Johanna Byloff, NetGalley Review